Resilience. revisited

how we help our clients

We provide our clients with an integrated range of services designed to enable them to improve their organisation's resilience across the full spectrum of commercial activity. Our clients do not view resilience a single function but one that is integral to securing and maintaining success and reducing a wide range of risks.
decision support

Many organisations find decision making and associated strategy planning challenging in the distributed, fast-paced and interconnected environment of 21st century business. We collaborate with clients to create bespoke decision-making processes to overcome these challenges.

business wargames

Wargames are a cost-effective and engaging tool used to test assumptions about the market and safely refine strategy and planning. At a more tactical level war-games can also be used to rehearse, test and refine a wide array of contingency plans in order to significantly improve the probably of successful execution.

enterprise resilience

We offer a wide range of integrated services designed to help our clients secure their people, assets, success and reputations. Our services cover the full spectrum of training, advice, development and ongoing support and include crisis management, leadership development, strategic level planning.

specialist services

We have stablished a strong reputation for the provision of trusted advice to key decision and policy makers responsible for the protection and resilience Critical National Infrastructure and other high reliability organisations.

In addition we offer our clients tailored intelligence services including threat monitoring, market insights and competitor intelligence.

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Resilience. Revisited.

Seven Questions Consulting is a global strategy consultancy that serves clients across a range of public and private sectors to make better, faster decisions, safeguard their valuable assets or exploit internet intelligence, to achieve enduring strategic success. We are a small, agile consultancy offering a core of mutually supporting services to clients across a range of sectors in both the public and private sectors in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. We pride ourselves in offering dynamic, intelligent and valuable services founded upon a collaborative approach to achieving mutual success.

  • Tailored to Your Needs

    Every engagement is unique; every solution bespoke.


    Our approach typically blends military, commercial and academic experience and learning.


    Our engagement approach and our fees are designed to share your risk.


    We work in an environment of mutual trust with our clients particularly on sensitive tasks

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