7Q about us

Seven Questions Consulting is a global strategy consultancy that serves clients across a range of public and private sectors to make better, faster decisions and safeguard their valuable assets, in whatever form that takes. We are a small, agile consultancy offering a core of mutually supporting services to clients across a range of sectors in both the public and private sectors in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. We pride ourselves in offering dynamic, intelligent and valuable services founded upon a collaborative approach to achieving mutual success.

Seven Questions Consulting delivers decision support, resilience and specialist risk advisory services to our clients.

Seven Questions Insight specialises in the delivery of internet intelligence and insight using world-class indexing technology.

Your Needs. We never begin an engagement without understanding your needs first because without a shared understanding of the problems we cannot collaborate to provide a tailored solution to solve the problem.

Our Methodology. We apply a wide-range of commercial and military techniques and processes in our work which is delivered within a framework of established project management techniques. We pride ourselves on innovative thinking, attention to detail, fusing best practice and academic research and attention to detail.

Our Fees. Where possible we seek to share risk with our clients by adopting a deliverables-based fee structure. Our experience of standard day rates (or worse, hourly rates) is that they never deliver the best solution of the client. Much better, and our clients agree, is to establish a fixed fee based on the value of the deliverable, make sure we both agree on what that deliverable looks like to us and when you want it done by. We collaborate on delivery, we should collaborate on the risk, we should share the benefits.

Your Success; Our Reputation. We exist only on our reputation and are only as good as our last project. Your success and an ongoing commercial relationship between us are vital.