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What is active|watch?

active|watch is a powerful, proven and world class search and indexing tool. The software behind the system is used by over 120 global enterprises to deliver insight an intelligence to key decision makers in order to secure competitive advantage, increase efficiency, gain insight and protect assets. 

active|watch is inherently flexible offering tailored solutions to deliver a comprehensive solution to a range of challenges facing organisations and senior decision makers:

Deployment examples of active|watch capability

active|watch assists regulatory intelligence and compliance teams navigate the increasingly complex requirements of changing compliance landscapes.  Using its ability to constantly monitor a huge array of sources, provide alerts and analysis active|watch prevents compliance teams becoming overwhelmed and instead provides them with a proactive posture towards change.

The flexibility inherent within active|watch and our unique approach enables us to provide bespoke solutions regardless of sector: financial, pharma or defence.

Our clients have the confidence that all sources are being monitored, our cloud-based archives and analysis deliver proof of due diligence and the sum of the analysis provides decision makers with the timely information required to make informed decisions.

active|watch provides our clients with tailored travel advisory bulletins and alerts. Without being tied to a single source subscription clients can benefit from aggregated open source information focussed on their specific needs and email directly to the user.

We work closely with clients to deliver precise and timely information derived from the entirety of the internet, indexed and sent wither as a regular email bulletin or as an alert based on user-specified criteria.

Our cost-effective solution is designed to support users with specific needs and we offer highly flexible contract options because we understand that continuous corporate level subscriptions do not suit every clients needs.

We aim to begin generating a client-specified daily bulletin within 24 hours of commencing a contract.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) describes any openly available information that can be extracted from the internet.  active|watch can search, collect and exploit the entirety of the internet to deliver focussed, selective and timely information on any subject of interest.

We apply a military intelligence collection processes tempered by commercial best practice to design internet intelligence solutions to our client’s problems.  We seek to integrate the output from active|watch into client organisation’s decision making processes, working with clients to refresh and redesign them as necessary as we develop the internet intelligence.

Many organisations are oblivious to the wealth of information and insight available on the internet. We work with those who recognise the huge commercial potential of the internet to secure assets, mitigate risk and secure commercial advantage.

Information is the ultimate disruptor and the ability to exploit the internet is likely to be one of the most significant capabilities and ‘force multipliers’ of the 21st century.

active|watch provides our clients with timely, comprehensive and freely available information about markets and competitors.

We are able to provide our clients with a depth of detail and insight about competitors that never fails to impress.  A global drive towards transparency has created enormous reserves of untapped information about competitors.  The scale and complexity of the information requires a tool like active|watch to search, collect, index and analyse the information to provide timely and actionable information for decision makers.

Our clients recognise the potential of the internet to enable to gain a real insight, for the first time, into their competitors, markets and customer base. When we couple this richness of information with commercial wargaming techniques we are able to unlock strategic possibilities for our clients and foresight that only a few years ago were impossible to imagine.


We can create a comprehensive and automated monitoring service for organisations or high net worth individuals supported by bulletins, online dashboards and email alerts to keep reputations safe, identify early threats and risks and manage incidents.

Our clients understand that modern social media and the 24/7 nature of information creates significant challenges for tracking potential reputational threats and responding to fast moving crises.

We are able to create routine operational reputational monitoring tools based on cloud-based dashboards.  In the event that a reputational threat emerges we can work with clients in strict confidence to create bespoke monitoring tools.  We have the capability, through our strategic partners, to conduct regression analysis of Twitter feeds to identify spread of messages, most influential users and instigators.  This capability enables our clients to apply resources with precision to manage threats to their reputation.

We are able to support new clients facing an emerging threat and deliver support of value within 24 hours.

Timely and accurate information is a vital component to the successful resolution and recovery from any crisis.

We can provide clients with a rapid intelligence response to any crisis.  This response can be aggregated news feeds, reputational risk management or bespoke ‘knowledge screens’ for projection onto screens within an emergency room.

We were able to create an open dashboard following the Nepal earthquake in 2015 that display reports of casualties, analysed mentions of international NGOs by region in Nepal and contains bespoke, focussed newsfeeds. We can create similar capabilities within 24 hours of a major event.  We can do so remotely and work with minimum guidance from any client who understands the power of open source information in a crisis.

active|watch affords a new dimension to the protection of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). We provide our clients with bespoke cloud-based monitoring to improve awareness of threats, regulatory changes, industry news and potential protest.

We are in the unique position of being able to combine our internet intelligence capabilities with a strong pedigree in CNI protection and delivery of resilience advice to the UK nuclear industry and UK government to be able to support clients in a sensitive and effective manner to exploit the full potential of the internet to improve situational awareness, mitigate risk and monitor internal and external indicators and warnings.

if you have an interest in finding out how internet intelligence can play a key role within an integrated resilience system to improve the protection of CNI please contact us at enquiries@sevenquestions.com.

active|watch can be used to create an effective business development platform by searching and indexing for opportunities, RFP, ITT and other key triggers.

We can work together to develop a platform that uses precise search to monitor key sites and locations of announcements of tender opportunities, making your team more efficient by increasing coverage whilst reducing time spent in unstructured search. WE can improve on this further by working with you to understand the specific indictors and warnings (I&W) that may indicate future opportunities and look of those specific conditions giving you a genuine competitive advantage.

active|watch can deliver fast, efficient and agile support to your business development activities, contact us to find out more.

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