Exploit social media efficiently and effectively as part of a wider OSINT capability

Remove the need to email single pieces of information in the belief other members of the team may not have seen it.

Provide universal access to relevant, timely information, insight and intelligence through online dashboards and emailĀ alerts 24/7; regardless of location.

  • 7Qi 02 SOCMINT dashboards
  • 7Qi 02 SOCMINT network analysis
  • 7Qi 02 SOCMINT search analysis
  • 7Qi 02 SOCMINT sentiment analysis
  • 7Qi 02 SOCMINT sentiment over time

SOCMINT Application Options

active|watch offers you unlimited flexibility, and the SOCMINT module is no exception.  Use cases for this capability include:

  • Reputational risk analysis – identify the source and development of social media traffic
  • Law Enforcement – influence network mapping
  • PR/Strat Comms – Measurement of campaign influence and effect
  • Opinion Insight – Identify mood & tone of conversations
  • Social Media Influence – identify key influencers, trends and themes in order to shape conversation rapidly to your advantage
  • Crisis/Issue Management – create bespoke dashboards to be shared by control rooms and key decision makers and significantly improve situational awareness
  • Area Monitoring – use geotagging of social media to monitor activity within a given area.
  • Network Analysis – identify networks of concepts and communications in order to optimise influence.