7Qi situational awareness

active|watch will dramatically improve your situational awareness

Remove the need to email single pieces of information in the belief other members of the team may not have seen it.

Provide universal access to relevant, timely information, insight and intelligence through online dashboards and email alerts 24/7; regardless of location.

AFG threats 2

Remove the need to share information informally and inefficiently.  How much time is wasted in your organisation by emails asking ‘have you seen this’?

active|watch searches for information, collects it, indexes and stores in in a cloud-based pool.  This pool of knowledge can be disseminated by automated emails directly into the inboxes of those who need to know.  Conditional alerts flag up critical information automatically.

You create dashboards, analysing and displaying the central pool o shared knowledge to whomever, wherever in whatever format is most relevant.

Battles are won through superior situational awareness.  Survival depends on situational awareness.  We will work with you to provide unparalleled situational awareness.  How you exploit the advantage is up to you.