7Qi reg compliance

Transform compliance from a burden to a competitive advantage

Aggregate all sources of reporting on compliance issues onto a single, shared dashboard. Analyse these sources en masse to identify trends.

Cut though the volume of information to identify the weak signals suggesting a change in the regulatory environment that will provide you and your clients with a competitive advantage.

aw indexing 1

Compliance is a growing challenge across most sectors.  Open source information and intelligence has the potential to reduce the burden significantly and to flip the issue into a potential competitive advantage.

We work with you to create tailored bulletins and alerts from our search collection, indexing and analysis of all open sources.

The sum of indexed and analysed data is displayed as you want it.  Replicated, shared, refined and available to your teams and selected clients should you wish.

Critically we can help you to identify those weak signals that may be indicators and warnings of a change in circumstance, a change in regulatory approach or a developing shift in opinion.

Regardless of your sector (financial, pharma, food, energy, or nuclear for example) we can create a bespoke, cost-effective capability.