7Q Wargaming

The concept of ‘red team’ is designed to test a plan … Sometimes you’re actually skipping over real challenges to it, or vulnerabilities in it, because you just want it to work … So red teaming is: You take people who aren’t wedded to the plan and ask them, ‘How would you disrupt this plan or how would you defeat this plan?’ If you have a very thoughtful red team, you’ll produce stunning results.”

General Stanley A. McCrystal


REDFLAG is a proven tactical wargaming methodology used by high reliability organisations to develop and rehearse plans.  Successfully in use by major UK police forces since 2012.

WE develop bespoke wargames for clients across a range of sectors from the tactical to the strategic level.  In addition to using our blend of military, commercial and academic approaches, we are also provide clients with the output from our world class OSINT capability in order to rapidly create competitor and market insight, saving time and significantly reducing the burden on clients so they can focus on thinking and doing and not preparing.