7Q decision support

Decision Support provides our clients with bespoke support to allow them to improve strategy, leadership and organisational behaviours.

We apply a proven combination of military and commercial decision making tools and techniques in order to make you, our client more effective, more profitable and more competitive. 

Our clients may need coaching and mentoring, a strategy offsite, a fresh perspective on a challenging problem or better, faster decision making capabilities.

We work with you throughout the lifecycle of the decision from information management, through the decision making process itself and improving the competed those entrusted with them, to strategy development and testing.

Our offerings include:

  • active|edgea comprehensive approach to decision making from inception through planning to testingMore.
  • business wargamingproven and highly adaptable wargaming to understand the competitive environment or test and refine a plan
  • training & developmentwe mentor small teams, run one day courses on decision making or deliver a focussed team-building off-site events.
  • strategy & planning supportwe offer embedded consultancy support to reinforce and diversify existing capability for short, intense planning activities.