active|edge is a comprehensive strategy & decision making toolkit for busy teams.

Our processes are derived from a combination of best practice from the military, the commercial sector and academia.  The methodology is flexible enough to address any issue you might have; we are agile enough to deliver the impact you want, when you want it without lengthy consulting engagements. We have created a modular package because we believe this suits the real-world needs of our clients.

activeedge4 step processOur process comprises four broad steps. Depending on your requirements the benefits of one or more can be delivered independently.  We work with clients to teach and train, mentor or deliver.  Regardless of the approach we recognise that enduring success can only be achieved through collaboration with our clients and the transfer of skills and experience to the right people.

Information Collection. Our information collection module has our world class open source intelligence and insight tool, active|watch, at its core. For more about the stand alone power of this capability see here.

Planning Process. We use a refined version of the military ‘seven questions’ campaign planning process.  The iterative and deductive reasoning processes behind complex military campaign planning is effective at solving the complex challenges facing distributed teams.  By introducing the leadership and teams to concepts such as mission command and effects-based planning as part of the process we seek to improve key behaviours in addition to solving the issue at hand and leaving a legacy of a different approach with clients.

Wargaming.  The success of your plan does not rest sole with factors under your control.  Launching untested initiatives creates unnecessary risk. Business war-games are designed to either inform planning at the beginning of the process or stress test and refine the outputs of the process.  In addition to a better plan with a higher probably if success, wargames improve collaboration within teams, gain buy-in from stakeholders and introduce our clients to reusable techniques. For more about our corporate wargaming approach see here.

Execution.  The implementation of successful strategy does not end on launch day.  The progress against the plan must be monitored, critical decisions identified during planning will have to be made along the way and contingencies have to be ready to launch. The lessons identified during the entire process should inform organisational learning and be captured and disseminated efficiently.