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January 13, 2019

Effective Strategy

business strategy using wargames

For organisations who want to improve the effectiveness of their strategy and planning

active|edge Business Wargames

Our active|edge methodology is used by clients who want to develop a battle-winning commercial strategy.

Combined with our unqiue OSINT capability this efficient methodology, based around a series of three wargames delivers a range of benefits including: improved strategy; greater buy in, reduced risk and shared situational awareness.

We work with clients to transfers skills and embeds winning behaviours in all participants.

Decision Support

Our decision support to clients covers a broad range of services including ‘devil’s advocacy’ an dchallenge, teaching and application of the military ‘Seven Questions’ methodology to strategy & leadership development offsite training.

Typically clients include a combination of team building activity, strategy development, decision support training and a social element which delivers maximum value for the time spent out of the office.

Every engagement is unique and developed in close coordination with the client.

REDFLAG Resilience Wargames

UK armed police forces have been using REDFLAG since 2012 to develop, test and refine their plans both independently and with colleagues from multiple agencies.

REDFLAG is based upon military wargaming, is credible, unscripted and immersive. It is also very resource light.

Clients receive a one-off train-the-trainer one-day course with options for continued support as required.

REDFLAG+ is a new facilitated version for the delivery of CPD to strategic and tactical commanders.

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