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January 13, 2019

Greater Insight

greater insight through OSINT

For organisations who need OSINT to reduce risk & create sustained advantage

active|watch OSINT services

active|watch offers clients a broad portfolio of world-class open source intelligence services.

The components of the service are drawn from proven capabiltiies in use by European governments and law enforcement agencies.

Depending on client need we can assist with requirements analysis, integration, or training. We also offer managed services and outputs and offer support to one-off investigations or provide OSINT cover for specific events.

active|watch underpins our active|edge wargaming services


The Nuclear Information, Insight & Intelligence (NRI3) portal is a subscription service for the UK nuclear sector.

NRI3 offers clients access to OSINT archives, bulletins and analysis without the need for expensive in-house analysts or a portfolio of other subscription services.

Subscribers can run search and collections which are fed into the central shared pool of knowledge, increasing awareness through crowd-sourced risk management.

City Alert Portal

Our free City Alert portal provides free access in a crisis to a common shared social media picture.

The service collates all key feeds (including police, responders, news and peers) into a single page. Once logged in and displayed on a screen all key players in the city have access to the same information at the same time.

It is a simple, efficient solution to a common problem of getting ground truth in a crisis.

active|watch OSONT
Nuclear Information, Intelligence and Insight
city alert
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