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January 12, 2019

Downloads & Client Support

COVID19 Support Image

Pandemic response planning  

NEW: COVID 19 Counter Attack Planning Aide Memoire (vers 2.1) (7Q 2020)

large assets

Support for improving security & resilience

Introduction to the Potential Adversary Force (PADFOR) Handbook for Nuclear Security (7Q 2018)

‘Emerging Lessons from the Fukushima Daiichi Accident: Maintaining Nuclear Security in a Complex Crisis’ (7Q & WINS 2011)

Initial Open Source Briefing on the In Amenas Attack (7Q 2013)

business strategy using wargames

Support for improving strategy effectiveness

New Tools for Resolving Wicked Problems (Strategy Kinetics 2007)

Utility of Military Centre of Gravity Analysis to Commercial Strategy Development (7Q 2018)

Introduction to REDFLAG Wargaming for UK Armed Police (7Q 2019)

greater insight through OSINT

Support for gaining greater insight through OSINT

Potential Utility of Drones to an Adversary (7Q 2013)

From Battlefield to Boardroom: Applying Internet Intelligence to the Framework of Business Operations OR Seeing What’s Over the Other Side of the Hill (7Q/AMI 2014)

Guide to Open Source Intelligence Support to Reputational Crisis Management (7Q 2018)