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Monitor, assess and anticipate threats through the exploitation of OSINT

active|watch is a proven threat monitoring and risk reduction capability.

We provide you with a world-class, tactical/operational/strategic OSINT monitoring capability that delivers cost-effective results.

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People are important.  Assets are important.  Reputation is vital.

From monitoring your reputation to identifying whether a social media campaign is a real issue or just so much hot air to single issue crisis management to the longer term threat horizon, active|watch offers an unparalleled agility and flexibility.

We can produce everything from bespoke reports, to rapidly deployable dashboards for key executives in a crisis to longer term strategic threat and risk monitoring capabilities.  From local activism to national stability, active|watch offers decision makers unparalleled access to tailored, verifiable OSINT and SOCMINT.

What are your disgruntled employees saying about you?

Who is talking about your organisation is blog posts?

How is the situation changing in the country where you are planning your next big move?

To find out more about how we use active|watch combined with our other capabilities to protect your people, assets and reputation please visit here.