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January 7, 2019

Secure Assets

large assets

For organisations who need to improve the security & resilience of their valuable assets

Threat & Vulnerability Analysis Peer Review

Originally we designed TVAPR for UK defence nuclear sites but this innovative methodology offers benefits for all nuclear/CNI sites. It is equally applicable to any location containing high value attractive assets.

We offer three training courses: introductory, foundation and practitioner.

We provide critical friend support to trained teams as well as independent adversary planning support.

Regulatory Compliance

The UK nuclear sector is leading the world on the move towards outcome focussed regaulation in the form of JSP 628 for defence and SyAPs for the civil sector.

Clients benefit from our unique experience of working in both sectors and our deep understanding of non-prescriptive regulation.

We work with regulators and with clients at all stages of the journey towards securing and sustaining compliance.

Security & Resilience Strategy Development

Our security and resilience plannign support includes helping clients to scope and define challenges and create programmes and projects to deliver appropriate abnd cost-effective solutions.

We have supported clients to improve crisis management responses at the operational or board level as well as supporting the design and delivery of simulations. exercises and tests.

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